Puppy Quest Ended

The search for a new puppy has ended.  After a couple of months searching for the right breeder, I’ve found the puppy I wanted.  He’s from Lanbur Beagles in North Carolina.  He will be here on March 29th.  Let the adventure begin.

Link face A (520x347)

This photo, taken by Jon Woodring, the breeder shows the pup at 5 weeks old.

I’ve never bought a dog, site unseen before and while I have some trepidation I’ve spent hours talking and communicating with Jon over the last several weeks.  I feel very good about him.  He is also known in the Show Beagle community and from I’ve seen has a good reputation.  As it relates to the pup, he has been gracious enough to send me videos and photos to aide in selection.  Besides, they don’t really make an ugly beagle, so that’s not much of a gamble.

One of my goals is to chronicle the adventures my new pup and I experience.  Don’t know what the means exactly, but I’ve been referring to him as my Photographer’s Assistant.  More likely, he’ll be the Model in most of the adventure’s.


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