Light Painter Brody

Light Painting

Brody and I decided to try our hand at “Light Painting” this morning. It’s a practice where you sweep an area of your image with an artificial light to accentuate a part of the photo. It’s intended for long exposures where a flash is typically not going to provide the effect you want.

Last weekend when Brody and I shot the photo below of Boynton Beach Inlet from the bridge I got the idea it might be cool to shoot the long pier from the end of the short pier.

Boynton Beach Inlet

Now, one word of caution… If you every take your puppy out on a fishing pier, and especially if he’s a huntin dawg that travels with his nose to the ground, you better take the lead and sweep every inch for discarded fishing hooks, leaders and fishing line. The good news is that crap shows up pretty good in the dark using a flashlight, but you might want to stretch out your back muscles before leaving home because a lot of bending is involved.

For my light source I used a relatively small but powerful flashlight from Fenix, Model 60. It’s a tactical light that’s only about 6″ long but throws an amazing beam of 2800 Lumens. It’s an LED light that’s color neutral and amazingly it’s tripod mountable. It’s max reach is 450 Meters and it does an amazing job lighting up the foxes and raccoons around the neighborhood from a couple of streets away. It wasn’t cheap, but with the local storms and potential for hurricanes I needed an emergency light I could trust. It has multiple power settings and this thing will light up a room from about 30 hours or give you nightlight level of comfort for 150. It also has a distress strobe and that turned out to be great for Light Painting. Using the strobe function it was much easier to add light to the darker parts of the pier without blowing out the building which is a light cream color.

In any case, it was a lot of fun, I’m pretty pleased with the results, though I know there’s room to get better. The pier wreaked of fish stink so Brody was in heaven and I’m pretty sure the fishermen were pretty happy to see us leave as we were occupying pretty valuable real estate.

Light Painting

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