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With the commencement of Spring I’ve got the rest of the rooms in the house painted, steam cleaned the carpets, and had the roof cleaned (a Florida thing I guess)

To close out my Spring Clean up, I had the Granite Garage Floor Company come purty up my garage floor. I really, really wish I had a “before” image of the garage floor. It was unbearable with Paint and Oil Stains and a couple long ugly spiderweb cracks running the length.
It also gave me the opportunity to test the new “Panorama” feature in Lightroom 6, which worked flawlessly for stitching 2 images in the above photo and 3 images in the photo below. Granted they were shot with the 24mm TSE so it wasn’t a real challenge for Lightroom. Never-the-less, it was 1 button friendly and I didn’t have to export the images out to some other software to complete the task. Even better the result is a dng file not jpg or tiff.

Ok, now that the house is in pretty good shape, it’s time from me and Brody to start hanging out at the beach.


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