Unsuccessful Successful Adventure

I’ve been wanting to get back to Jacksonville, FL to photograph “The Landings” from the fountain across the river. With Brody’s car seat all done and fair weather predicted we set out Friday night about 9:30 with an expectation to arrive in Jacksonville around 1:30AM.  The trip didn’t exactly go as planned but I always enjoy our adventures so to that end it was successful.

First, Brody didn’t really relish the new car seat.  He found it ok but couldn’t understand why he was supposed to favor that over my lap. In protest he spent the entire trip going from the car seat, to trying to get on my lap, to the back cargo area where he’d take short naps on the bed back there and then start the circuit all over again.  I’ve now decided that since he didn’t love it and because he eventually made it back onto my lap anyway,  there’s no reason for me to forfeit the front and back footwells. So, I’ve removed the car seat.

Second, just as we got parked in Jacksonville and started to get the gear out fog rolled in.  This is the only shot I got before the tops of the buildings disappeared.


And this is the only shot I got of The Jacksonville Landing before the whole scene turned to mist.


Undeterred, we jumped back onto the interstate and crossed into Georgia at the welcome center where we killed time until sunrise.  The plan was to return and shoot this scene in the morning light.  Not so much … A gray dingy morning.  So, we headed towards St Augustine.  By the time we got there the sky was blue and clear but it was rapidly becoming too late in the day for any great photos.


St Augustine wasn’t a destination, just a starting point.

I wanted to drive A1A, the intercostal highway, from St Augustine to Daytona Beach.  This was more of a scouting trip than anything.

It was a beautiful trip. Some amazing homes populated that journey but just as importantly, there are plenty of beach areas along the way to visit if your so inclined.

We stopped a few times to see what we could see, but I wasn’t prepared for Brody to get all wet or sandy so we kept our distance.

At each stop, we did see a few people who where fishing or sunbathing or surfing but generally the beaches were pretty empty.

It is interesting that while my part of Florida is packed with Snow Birds right now, I didn’t see that kind of population mass anywhere along this trip.  Including Daytona Beach!

Speaking of Daytona Beach, I was really interested to see if this might be a weekend destination sometime.  From what I saw just driving through, it’s has an amazing boardwalk area, a great fishing pier, the Speedway, some very unique buildings and all the trappings that could be this a fun place to photograph.  But, for sure, I’d have to pick the right time.  Both the beach and the Speedway draw a lot of visitors.


Before we left, I tried to get Brody to duplicate the pose of this fish. I don’t think his heart was into it, but he got pretty close.


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