Take a Look

What do you see? Do you see beauty in the snow-covered boughs of a wintering Pine?  Or do you see rather lame attempt of a winter landscape?  Look again!  Can you really see the import of the photo? … Continue reading

Brody's Reprieve

Two months ago I began experiencing a debilitating level of Sciatica. Towit, Brody’s nightly walks and weekend romps came to an immediate halt. He was really very good about it and I’m proud of him. Monday, I underwent back surgery … Continue reading

Dogzilla Brody

    Brody got a Dogzilla Frisbee for Christmas and today was the first chance we’ve had to let’r fly.         Anytime he gets a chance to fly around and pounce on things he’s in beagle heaven … Continue reading

Brody Round UP

Since Brody has been the Central Theme for 2011, thought I’d do a round up of all the Photos taken of him. I am using the “Flickr Gallery” plug in and am still learning some of it’s features so I … Continue reading

Brody Arrives

Little Beagle Brody, arrived in Chicago on 3/29/2011.  As nervous as I was about flying a puppy he was undaunted by it all.  Simply illustrated; I arrived at my SUV with travel crate and opened the door, he stepped out, … Continue reading