Reality Dawns on Me

I’m in the yard tonight playing ball with Brody when a relatively new neighbor walks by and says; “I’ve never seen a beagle fetch before’” And at that moment a reality I’ve never thought about came to light! “He’s not … Continue reading

Brodys Toybox

Anybody who knows Brody understands that the little Orange Chuck It Ball is his favorite toy. He takes it everywhere. But, it is not his only toy. In fact, Brody has quite a few toys in his toy box, but … Continue reading

What a Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday, Dec 7th at approximately 3:30PM I took this shot of Brody running around a local cornfield as he was bathed in afternoon sunlight. Twenty four hours later, here’s Brody running through the same cornfield as he’s being bathed in … Continue reading

Action Brody

A fun and interesting way to photograph your dog is have him running towards you and shoot him/her from ground level. In this case, I had Brody sit and wait while a walked about 30 yards away and laid down … Continue reading