JW Corbertt & Brody

One of the frustrating things about living in Florida is all the restrictions the Forest Preserves have regarding dogs. They are simply not permitted.  Ah – but I’ve now figured out that doesn’t necessary apply to Wildlife Management areas, e.g. … Continue reading

Brody’s Bunny

  Today, Brody was determined to prove that playing with his Bunny was as much fun as playing with his ball. I’m pretty sure he convinced me!     … Continue reading

Brody’s New Car Seat

In an effort to get Brody off my lap I built him a car seat in the Explorer.  He likes the view and the extra room and being able to stick his head out the window without standing on his … Continue reading

Reality Dawns on Me

I’m in the yard tonight playing ball with Brody when a relatively new neighbor walks by and says; “I’ve never seen a beagle fetch before’” And at that moment a reality I’ve never thought about came to light! “He’s not … Continue reading

Playing the Field

Every fielder knows how important the first step is …   Even the slightest mis-step can be the difference between a out and a hit   A slow first step is going to let the ball get past you and … Continue reading

Brody’s Five

When you’re a hound and you’re going to be 5 in two days you howl about it. That’s just what you do. Ok, we are at a milestone moment.  After this, I’ll no longer be able to count Brody’s age … Continue reading

YIPEEE It’s Playtime

It’s Saturday and it’s playtime, not a lot more needs said about it…   … Continue reading

Skater Brody

I recently converted everything from PC to Mac and as I was weeding through files to keep I found this series of a younger Brody when he was learning to skate.  He eventually got the hang of running on ice, … Continue reading

Jail Bird Brody

While we were in St Augustine, Brody had to spend some time in the St John’s County Jail. It’s not that he’s a bad dog by nature or did anything particularly wrong on this occasion, it’s just that he is … Continue reading

The Outcome of Taking a Nap

I used to be able to take a nap, anytime with no consequence. This is no longer true and I often have difficulty falling asleep at night on the day of a nap. This is not true for Brody. He … Continue reading