Toy Mauler Brody

Ever since Brody was a young puppy, he has made it his mission to destroy every toy I give him. The only exception to this has been his “infamous” orange fetch ball.  Now, he’s not a malicious chewer.  I can completely … Continue reading

Rock Climber Brody

Give Brody a pile a rocks and just like any other kid, he won’t be able to resist climbing around in them…. … Continue reading

Bath Hound Brody

Brody likes to take baths or in his case showers.  He’ll prance right into the shower stall and cooperate fully through the duration of his cleaning. This all seems unusual to me since I’ve never had a dog that acutally liked getting … Continue reading

Jumper Brody

Beagles aren’t know for Jumping.  But, then again, they aren’t known for Fetching either. But then Little Brody ain’t a typical Beagle,  He tends to march to his own accord.  The slideshow is 3 different sequences of Brody Jumping for … Continue reading

Why I Bath My Dog

Sometimes people ask me why I bath my dog so often.           Simple it’s because he gets dirty!               Some people have Blood Hounds ….         I … Continue reading