Times are Changing

Brody got this stuffed toy for Easter. It’s been a week and he hasn’t destroyed it yet. Heck, he hasn’t even chewed off the ears or tail! Times are a Changing. Thanks for Looking. … Continue reading

Trip Home

Had an opportunity to go home this weekend. Gave me a chance to capture the city in morning light and more importantly, Brody got to spend a couple of days with his best friend, Lexie. First the city … Everyone … Continue reading

It's Not An Obsession – Really

By now, some people have to believe I have an obsession with taking photos of Brody. I don’t, really. Ok, so according to my computer, I have 2,049 photos of Brody on file. That’s only, roughly 5 a day since … Continue reading

Brody's First Real Bath

Normally when Brody gets dirty he’s get a shower. I have a long hose that makes it easy, and he seems to tolerate it pretty well. But, I needed a photo of a “Bath” for a project I was working … Continue reading

Wild Goose Chase w/postscript

The Adventures of Brody expanded today when he did his first ever “Wild Goose Chase” As we’re taking our Sunday stroll across the field I see this scene and I’m thinking “Really Brody – Really” … Continue reading

Acknowledging Brody

This afternoon while we were out hiking we heard motor activity over by the quarry. In order for me to get close enough to take any photos, we had to cross a field striped with freshly laid manure. Now, those … Continue reading

Mud Field Revisited

Last week I blogged about a brainy idea to hike with Brody across a mud field. (Why I Bath My Dog) It was good exercise so this weekend we did it again, with the additional challenge of several inches of … Continue reading

Why I Bath My Dog

Sometimes people ask me why I bath my dog so often.           Simple it’s because he gets dirty!               Some people have Blood Hounds ….         I … Continue reading

What to Do on a Cold Winter Morn

So far, this has been a record-setting warm weather winter in Chicagoland. Last night we received only our 3rd snow of the season and it wasn’t much. This morning was clear, but a cold 8 degrees with sustained winds at … Continue reading

One Year Old Today

Today is the day.  One year ago Brody was born in Charolette, NC. And here he is one year later. His Sire was GCH CH Lanbur Quest for the Best and the Dam was Merry Music Lanbur Luminous.  The breeder was … Continue reading