JW Corbertt & Brody

One of the frustrating things about living in Florida is all the restrictions the Forest Preserves have regarding dogs. They are simply not permitted.  Ah – but I’ve now figured out that doesn’t necessary apply to Wildlife Management areas, e.g. … Continue reading

Reality Dawns on Me

I’m in the yard tonight playing ball with Brody when a relatively new neighbor walks by and says; “I’ve never seen a beagle fetch before’” And at that moment a reality I’ve never thought about came to light! “He’s not … Continue reading

Finder Beagle Again

You might think your all clever hiding my ball in the snow. But, you forget I’m a full fledged beagle hound. And, I’m going to find it! And, we’re going to do it all over again, and again, and again… … Continue reading

What a Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday, Dec 7th at approximately 3:30PM I took this shot of Brody running around a local cornfield as he was bathed in afternoon sunlight. Twenty four hours later, here’s Brody running through the same cornfield as he’s being bathed in … Continue reading

Reciprocation Brody

  Beagles are hounds and most of that breed have eyes that tend to  water quite a bit. Not sure of the technical reason, but it’s been true of all 3 of my beagles. With beagles, I think it’s a … Continue reading

Husky Found

This morning, I went to Northern Illinois University expressly to shoot Davis Hall (Observatory) in early morning light with a fresh blanket of snow.  In fact this shot … I have several others of Davis Hall as the light changes … Continue reading

Got A Grip On It.

Some will remember Brody’s first attempt on Ice last January. It looked something like this.   and this …   Well the little hound now has a firm grip on the concept of running on ice   Even to the … Continue reading

A Hound Well Traveled

Sitting along the beach area in Ft Lauderdale, Brody contemplates his life as my photo assistant. On February 1,2013 he will be 2 years old.   In that time he’s been in 12 states. North Carolina, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, … Continue reading

Sidewalks Are Overrated

Sidewalks are Overrated…   But, Smiles Are Not Overrated! … Continue reading

Then and Now

When I was a puppy, I played as a puppy   When I became a dog, I did not put away my puppy things.     Maybe later … … Continue reading