Boy's Boyz

Since this blog has mostly chronicled Brody’s puppy hood and since I’ve already announced he will be neutered in a few days.  Figured I might as well preserve, that moment in time when he was a potential  sire and before he became … Continue reading

If at first you don’t succeed

Brody still loves to chase dragonflies which makes it almost impossible for me to photograph them.  But, if at first you don’t succeed change strategies.  Today I discovered 3 ways to photograph dragonflies while accompanied by my trusty assistant. 1) … Continue reading

Independence Day 2011

Traveled to Pittsburgh this year on July 4th so I missed the fireworks display this year.  Or did I? Pam made all my summer favorites so there was a cornucopia of treats to eat. … Continue reading

Flawed Assistant (not really)

Yesterday, I discovered a flaw with my young assistant.  It seems he likes chasing dragonflies which makes them impossible to photograph.  Oh well, his antics were entertaining enough. Today, while photographing wildflowers, I discovered that after he tromps through them, … Continue reading

Big Boy Brody

Superdog Brody is getting to be such a big boy.  He doesn’t even need the couch to take flight anymore.  He can launch from ground level…. Note:  See the post “Angel Eyes” if you need a point of reference.   … Continue reading