Another Milestone Adventure

Resulting from a marathon driving effort, Brody has now been to the Southern Most Tip of the Continental United States. Yep, Key West. My goals for this trip were pretty simple. 1) A souting trip for future adventures, 2) Get … Continue reading

Skater Brody

I recently converted everything from PC to Mac and as I was weeding through files to keep I found this series of a younger Brody when he was learning to skate.  He eventually got the hang of running on ice, … Continue reading

How It All Began

I was flipping though some old photos, when I noticed this picture I took of the toys I’d bought for Brody before he even arrived from his North Carolina birthplace. And sure enough, there is his Orange Ball! Even though … Continue reading

Jail Bird Brody

While we were in St Augustine, Brody had to spend some time in the St John’s County Jail. It’s not that he’s a bad dog by nature or did anything particularly wrong on this occasion, it’s just that he is … Continue reading

The Outcome of Taking a Nap

I used to be able to take a nap, anytime with no consequence. This is no longer true and I often have difficulty falling asleep at night on the day of a nap. This is not true for Brody. He … Continue reading

Light Painter Brody

Brody and I decided to try our hand at “Light Painting” this morning. It’s a practice where you sweep an area of your image with an artificial light to accentuate a part of the photo. It’s intended for long exposures … Continue reading

Brody’s Way

Brody is the only dog I’ve ever owned who insists on taking a toy out with him to do his business. And … he usually gets his way. … Continue reading

In Case You Were Wondering

  Brody still loves his little orange ball and he still loves chasing, catching and retrieving it. It’s a daily ritual and three times on weekends.       And like always, when he’s all done with the current session, … Continue reading

Lunatic Brody

As Brody and I were in transit from Pittsburgh back to Florida I saw a billboard advertising daily tours for the Lunatic Asylum. I can’t think of a more politically incorrect name for a Psychiatric Hospital but heck, if they’re … Continue reading

Brody’s Easter Egg Hunt

I was kidding some folks at work that I was going to do an Easter Egg hunt for Brody. Then I got to thinking …He’s a hunting dawg so  why not!  First, I prepared a special egg with some of … Continue reading