Biker Brody

If you teach them young, you have a riding companion for life. … Continue reading

In Your Face

Quick clips of Brody in action.  Pretty soon I’m going to have to find other aspects of Brody’s life to film but his playtime antics have given me a lot of material to experiment with in post. … Continue reading

Playing the Field

Every fielder knows how important the first step is …   Even the slightest mis-step can be the difference between a out and a hit   A slow first step is going to let the ball get past you and … Continue reading

Video Round 2

If we’re going to move the Adventures of Brody into video, I need to get a better.  On the other hand Brody is the perfect assistant to practice on. … Continue reading


After all  these years I decided it was time to try out the video capabilities of my cameras.  Geez, I hope I get better with time. … Continue reading

Sanibel Brody

Brody and I took another of our middle of the night adventures and drove across the state to Sanibel Island. The mission was to photograph the Lighthouse with a backdrop of a beautiful sunrise. It’s a good thing we got … Continue reading

Brody’s Five

When you’re a hound and you’re going to be 5 in two days you howl about it. That’s just what you do. Ok, we are at a milestone moment.  After this, I’ll no longer be able to count Brody’s age … Continue reading

Wireless Charging

Long before the term came into vogue in the world of electronics, Puppies leveraged the powers of pillows to recharge their batteries. Can’t get any more wireless than that. Plus, these are pretty good examples of the handholding capabilities of … Continue reading

YIPEEE It’s Playtime

It’s Saturday and it’s playtime, not a lot more needs said about it…   … Continue reading

My Pact With Brody

When Brody was a puppy I made a pact with him.  I agreed that I’d always provide opportunities for new experiences as long as he retained his adventurous spirit.

So far, that’s been working out pretty well. Each image is 320×320. … Continue reading