Reality Dawns on Me

Brody-8680I’m in the yard tonight playing ball with Brody when a relatively new neighbor walks by and says; “I’ve never seen a beagle fetch before'”

And at that moment a reality I’ve never thought about came to light!

“He’s not playing fetch, he’s playing chase.”  Beagles were built to chase things like rabbits.  So, Brody is very inclined to chase the ball.  The only reason he brings it back is that he knows, it’s the only way I can throw it again and therefore the only way he can chase it again, which is really all he wants to do.


Brody-8790 Brody-8742 Brody-8738 Brody-8689


Reality Dawns on Me — 1 Comment

  1. Great action and character shots, you have learned from him very well indeed. Thanks for my “Brody” fix just before I go on holiday, very welcome.
    Fare well you two, enjoy life and the chase to the full.
    Kindest, b0b

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