Indoor Antics

Brody Dog-3734
Just in case any of you were thinking Brody reserves all his energy for outdoor antics, I thought I’d set the record straight.

His energy reserves are rarely depleted from a simple outdoor romp.


Brody Dog-3827 Brody Dog-3962 Brody Dog-3870 Brody Dog-3848 Brody Dog-3838 Brody Dog-3834 Brody Dog-3833




Frisbee Brody


For Christmas, my son gave Brody this Kurgo Winga Disc Thrower.  On the order of a Chuck It launcher you can throw a frisbee a country mile with this thing.  But, Brody’s not one of them fancy leaping dogs that can snag a frisbee out of the air while doing 3 flips off his master’s shoulder.  He’s a hound built with the endurance to run all day chasing rabbits around in circles.  While he can and does jump to pluck his orange ball out of the air from time to time, he’s at this happiest when he running the thing down as it rolls and bounces along the ground.

Frisbee Hound-5096

So, I modified my throwing technique to enable the little hound to give proper chase.  Instead of throwing it on a traditional horizontal plane, I throw it with the frisbee vertical to the ground.

For anyone who has ever shot Sporting Clays, this is a Rabbit toss.  And by golly it works really well.     If I throw it high it will sail about 40 yards and when it touches down roll on it’s edge off to the left or right another 10 yards or so.  If I throw it low it’s fly about 20 yards and then roll on it’s edge another 20 or 30 yards for it falls over.   Brody loves it.

Just like chasing a bunny.


Frisbee Hound-5144 Frisbee Hound-5119 Frisbee Hound-5112

Of course, when he catches it, it’s not always the most graceful thing to see.

Frisbee Hound-5172 Frisbee Hound-5124

And then there’s those times where for the life of me I can’t figure out what he was thinking.

Frisbee Hound-5140 Frisbee Hound-5139

But, I always laugh when he brings it back.  I can’t never figure out exactly how he can see where he’s going.

Frisbee Hound-5163

In any case, if you have a puppy who likes chasing things, this is a good product and makes a great alternative to his little orange ball.  By alternative I mean, something different for me to do.  He never tires of his little orange ball.


Brody’s Five

When you’re a hound and you’re going to be 5 in two days you howl about it.
That’s just what you do.

Ok, we are at a milestone moment.  After this, I’ll no longer be able to count Brody’s age on one hand.  To help celebrate this momentous occasion, Brody has a playmate staying over for the weekend.

Meet Hector…



Hector is my son’s girlfriend’s dog and when they go away, like to Colorado skiing as an example, Hector stays here.

He and Brody are good friends so it’s pretty cool that he has a playmate to celebrate his fifth birthday with him.

The trade off though, is we can’t go on any epic adventures for his birthday.

So, I decided to do something I’ve never done for any of his other birthday’s.  I bought him a birthday cake.

Well, it’s more of a birthday cupcake.

Actually, it’s a birthday biscuit with yogurt icing.  But, they had fun with it.


IMG_3348-2 copy


Eating it though, was a little challenging. Neither pup could fit the thing in their mouth so it became like a hockey match with them pushing the puck-cake all over the floor.

IMG_3354 IMG_3362  IMG_3414


It wasn’t too long before my floor started to get painted with blue icing, so that was the end of that.  Actually, I just carved off pieces of the cake for them and put it in their bowls where they could get a better handle on it.

I won’t give Brody his birthday present until Monday, which is his actual birthday. But that didn’t deter him from breaking out the Christmas toys to continue the party well into the evening.

IMG_3459 IMG_3466 IMG_3464 IMG_3442

Gift giving is going to be a little tricky come Monday. I got him a replacement ball which I hope he’ll accept.  He absolutely loves his glow in the dark ball, but it’s completely worn out.  The other day, when he wasn’t looking, I threw it away in the laundry room garbage can. A few hours later, he sat down in front of the laundry room door and kept howling until I gave it back.





Sunrise Adventure Gone Wrong – Maybe

Brody hasn’t been on any adventures lately so I promised him that Sunday we’d correct that.

The plan was to drive over to Lake Worth Beach and photograph the sunrise. I figured since it’s been cold, for Florida, the air would be crisp and clean and we might see good color. So, at 5:30AM we hit the road, drive 20 minutes, park the car and promptly discover all the camera gear was left at home. Brody thought that was a pretty good deal. Since that cold, crisp air also holds the the scents on the ground and he didn’t have to follow me around with the camera, he could smell to his hearts content.

Once we got that out of the way, I decided we should go to West Palm Beach and get some morning cityscapes of the city. So, home we went, grabbed the gear and turned right around to drive past Lake Worth Beach and north to WBP. As luck would have it, just as we were coming into the south side of the city, a bunch of trailers were pulled over unloading antique cars. Apparently we found a staging area because as soon a car was unloaded and cleaned it drove off to wherever the actual car show was going to be. So, we pulled over and for the next 1 1/2 hour we had our own private carshow. Pretty cool…























Brody’s Christmas Cycle

It starts with that long wait for Santa on the eve of Christmas

Waiting For Santa-2182

Then, there is the pre-present morning workout to burn off some of the adrenalinum of anticipation.

Then there is the excitement of playing with your new toy.

And finally, there is the crash that follows a very busy morning.

And that pretty much sums up Christmas morning in Brody’s world.

Wireless Charging

Long before the term came into vogue in the world of electronics, Puppies leveraged the powers of pillows to recharge their batteries. Can’t get any more wireless than that. Plus, these are pretty good examples of the handholding capabilities of the 16-35 f/4 at slow shutter speeds.

Long before the term came into vogue in the world of electronics, Puppies leveraged the powers of  soft pillows to recharge their batteries.   You can't get any more wireless than that.

Long before the term came into vogue in the world of electronics, Puppies leveraged the powers of  soft pillows to recharge their batteries.   You can't get any more wireless than that.

Brody’s Persepective

Brody's Perspective-0738
A friend recently suggested that since I take so many photos of Brody from my perspective, I ought to post some photos of me from Brody’s perspective.

The hound thought was an curious request since he is the star of the show and I frankly wondered how I was ever going to be able to teach the beagle how to use the camera.

But, this is “The Adventures of Brody” and the little pup is always willing to try new things, so off we went.



First order of business was to teach Brody how to use the camera.  This was surprisingly easy as he’s a pretty smart little feller. After that is was just a matter of compose and shoot. And after all that, we have two photos of me from Brody’s perspective. By the way, I never promised that Brody was a good photographer!

Brody's Perspective-0741

Brody's Perspective-0733Brody's Perspective-0735

Brody's Perspective-0753Brody's Perspective-0763
Brody's Perspective-0762Brody's Perspective-0779

Brody's Perspective-0768Brody's Perspective-3-2Brody's Perspective-3

Glass Cleaning Tip

If you have a puppy, the next time you decide to clean the glass of your Patio Door, remember this very important tip…

Start On The Outside

Otherwise, your puppy is just going to sit inside the house and use his nose to point out all the spots you missed the first time.

IMG_1257-Edit copy