Beagle Quest

Began my search for a Beagle in earnest today with an 800+ mile round trip to the greater Minneapolis area to visit Woodland Beagles.  Though I just met Stacy I sense they are nice folks.  She’s got a full operation running with a nice variety of beagles. All of whom have  sweet temperaments.  But then, what beagle doesn’t.  The liter I went to see isn’t even 4 weeks old yet, so personalities haven’t sprung out yet, but let me tell you, cuteness was in abundance.

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My closest companion and loyal fan, passed away on 10-28-2010.

Someday, I will find a way to describe how the love of a pet, while different than the love of parents and family and friends runs just as deep.  Continue reading

Just thinking..

Every time I pick up a camera I marvel at the phenomenon that I hold in my hand.  My mind can barely grasp the impact that photography has on everyone on this planet.

Photographs have captured some of the most memorable moments in history.  The best and the worst of Man and Mother Nature have been persevered for all to see.

Yet, the most amazing thing to me as I pursue this craft, is that the photographs I most cherish, those that emit the greatest emotion and those I look at endlessly are the simple snapshots that froze in time a loved one or event in my life.  I imagine this is true for most people.

It’s why the Brownie existed along with the Large Format Camera.   It’s why cell phone cameras exist along with digital SLRs.  It’s why we have classifications like enthusiasts, prosumers and professionals.

Learning photography as an expression of art, will be a life long pursuit.  Seeing the light that emotes feeling, recognizing a composition that appeals to the senses and creating the frame that leads the eye through a visual path are somewhat ellusive things to me.

I will share with you in this space the results of that endeavor.  But, what I doubt you’ll ever see, are the most important photographs I take.  After all, they’re just snapshots.