Another Beagle Trick

Bailey did this as a puppy.  We always figured he learned it from the cat.

Brody’s never even seen a cat, and yet there he is…

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Houdini Hound

This weekend I tied Brody out in front of the garage so he could be with me while I detailed the car.  That way I didn’t have to keep a constant eye on him.  At one point, I looked up and no puppy was in site.

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Brody Wins Photo Contest

Our New York Design Office recently ran a Photo Contest for Pets.  They were looking for images to potentially include in a Kids Line of Clothing for next year.  Out of over 500 entries this little ham-bone won a Grand Prize.

The photo was taken the day I brought Brody home so he was only about 8 weeks old at the time.  Yea Brody.

Capture the Flag

Brody has developed his own rules and method of play for the classic game, Capture the Flag.  The vigor  he injects has converted this old board game  it to a Contact Sport.

Further, he’s learned to jump into the laundry basket so dirty clothes are no longer safe from his clutches.


Beagle in a Box

What do you do when you have a puppy and it’s the middle of April but it’s cold, windy and snowing outside.

You stick him in a box and take photographs of him.

Beagle In A Box

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Tumble of Death

My beloved Bailey loved going for walks in the woods and trails and he never really wanted those walks to end.  Even as a youngster, he seemed to have a keen sense when the walk turned the corner and we were heading home.  As soon as that would happen, he’d lay down, roll over on his back and stick his feet straight up in the air.  In fact,  pretty much anytime he didn’t want to do something he’d just resort to “The Tumble of Death” as his show of protest.  It was a little annoying, but he was sooo darn cute, we pretty much never corrected him with any sincerity.   Well guess what ….

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First Week

Brody’s first week was a true test on the poor little guy.  Think about it.

Leave home, fly 700 miles, new master, new house, new yard, new nanny. You’d think that would be enough change. But nooooo.

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Brody Arrives

Little Beagle Brody, arrived in Chicago on 3/29/2011.  As nervous as I was about flying a puppy he was undaunted by it all.  Simply illustrated; I arrived at my SUV with travel crate and opened the door, he stepped out, wagged his tail, took a drink of water and walked into the bigger crate I’d brought along and started with playing with the toys.

Treats Ahoy, Love those chew sticks.

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Puppy Quest Ended

The search for a new puppy has ended.  After a couple of months searching for the right breeder, I’ve found the puppy I wanted.  He’s from Lanbur Beagles in North Carolina.  He will be here on March 29th.  Let the adventure begin.
Brody aka Link

This photo, taken by Jon Woodring, the breeder shows the pup at 5 weeks old.

I’ve never bought a dog, site unseen before and while I have some trepidation I’ve spent hours talking and communicating with Jon over the last several weeks.  I feel very good about him.  He is also known in the Show Beagle community and from I’ve seen has a good reputation.  As it relates to the pup, he has been gracious enough to send me videos and photos to aide in selection.  Besides, they don’t really make an ugly beagle, so that’s not much of a gamble.

One of my goals is to chronicle the adventures my new pup and I experience.  Don’t know what the means exactly, but I’ve been referring to him as my Photographer’s Assistant.  More likely, he’ll be the Model in most of the adventure’s.