Independence Day 2011

Traveled to Pittsburgh this year on July 4th so I missed the fireworks display this year.  Or did I?

Pam made all my summer favorites so there was a cornucopia of treats to eat.

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Flawed Assistant (not really)

Yesterday, I discovered a flaw with my young assistant.  It seems he likes chasing dragonflies which makes them impossible to photograph.  Oh well, his antics were entertaining enough.

Today, while photographing wildflowers, I discovered that after he tromps through them, a couple of times, he’ll eventually come lie by my side which becomes my opportunity to fire away.

Blue Verain

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Big Boy Brody

Superdog Brody is getting to be such a big boy.  He doesn’t even need the couch to take flight anymore.  He can launch from ground level….

Note:  See the post “Angel Eyes” if you need a point of reference.


Lost Sock Phenomenon

There seems to be a universal experience of losing socks in the laundry. And it seems this phenomenon only ever affects one sock in a pair. Of course you could lose both, but then you might not be as likely to discover it. Anyway, I digress. I’m here to provide testimony that I’ve been doing my own laundry for a number of years and have never, ever lost a single sock, until….

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Another Beagle Trick

Bailey did this as a puppy.  We always figured he learned it from the cat.

Brody’s never even seen a cat, and yet there he is…

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Houdini Hound

This weekend I tied Brody out in front of the garage so he could be with me while I detailed the car.  That way I didn’t have to keep a constant eye on him.  At one point, I looked up and no puppy was in site.

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