In Your Face

Quick clips of Brody in action.  Pretty soon I’m going to have to find other aspects of Brody’s life to film but his playtime antics have given me a lot of material to experiment with in post.

Practice Makes Perfect

The reason Brody is pretty good at catching his ball is because every night after dinner, he makes me practice with him while we’re watching TV.


Playing the Field

Every fielder knows how important the first step is …


Even the slightest mis-step can be the difference between a out and a hit


A slow first step is going to let the ball get past you and that single is going to turn into a double.


You have to be willing to sacrifice your body to keep the ball in front of you


On the other hand, if pitcher does his job, playing the field gets to be pretty easy.

Video Round 2

If we’re going to move the Adventures of Brody into video, I need to get a better.  On the other hand Brody is the perfect assistant to practice on.


After all  these years I decided it was time to try out the video capabilities of my cameras.  Geez, I hope I get better with time.

Sanibel Brody

Brody and I took another of our middle of the night adventures and drove across the state to Sanibel Island.
The mission was to photograph the Lighthouse with a backdrop of a beautiful sunrise. It’s a good thing we got there early because once the predawn light burned off there was nothing.  No sunrise color at all!
Sanabel Island Lighthouse-2-4

Having said that, I know from experience, when sunrise is a bust just turn around and shoot to the West and continue to enjoy early morning light.

Sanabel Island Lighthouse-2

Sanabel Island Lighthouse-

The Sanibel Island Lighthouse or Point Ybel Light is t 98-feet tall. It was first lit on August 20, 1884 and has a central spiral staircase beginning about 10 feet above the ground. It is located on the eastern tip of Sanibel Island, and was built to mark the entrance to San Carlos Bay for ships calling at the port of Punta Rassa, across San Carlos Bay from Sanibel Island. The grounds are open to the public, but the lighthouse itself is not.

The beach around the lighthouse is filled with shells and other debris that has washed ashore and Brody loved it!  He couldn’t sniff deep enough or fast enough and lost all sense of good manners dragging me around as he explored.

Once he got himself under control, I was able to explore the lighthouse a little more and noticed an Osprey had taken up living quarters in the chimney of the old care takers house.  That was kinda cool.

Sanabel Island Lighthouse-4096 Sanabel Island Lighthouse-4178 Sanabel Island Lighthouse-4189

In typical fashion, this was more of an exploratory trip and now that I know the lay of the land, will be planning some future trips to explore the lighthouse and plethora of shorebirds that were flying around in the early morning light.

Sanabel Island Lighthouse-2-2

Once we left the lighthouse area we went to J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge,  It’s one of the few Nature Reserves I’ve seen down here that welcomes puppies.  The refuge is amazing and large but pretty much has the same wildlife as on my side of the state.  The difference is near me the refuges are small and you can get pretty close. Ding Darling is huge and close contact is less likely.  A great refuge nevertheless and Brody and I will be back here as well.

7D2_8009 Brown Pelican-7811