On The Road Again

It has been a few months since Brody has been on an adventure. Ok, so maybe more than a few. But, the offset is that his best friend and sister Lexie and his mom have been here. So, he’s had 2 of his favorite things at his disposal. Especially, the one that spoils him.

Never-the-less, you can only keep a good dog home for so long so for our starter trip, we took an exploratory trip around Lake Okeechobee.  For those who don’t know It is the seventh largest freshwater lake in the United States, including Lake Michigan in the count.  The lake covers 720 square miles and has 135 miles of shoreline.  It is a shallow lake with an average depth of 9′ and it is a premier fishing destination, especially for Bass.

My goal, other than to give Brody an adventure was to get a visual idea as to how photogenic a location Lake Okeechobee might be.  The answer in short is, very if you have a boat.  From the shoreline, the jury is still out.

In any case here are a few photos from the adventure,  the most interesting, I think, was finding the remains of the Glades hotel fire which seems to have a number of interesting innuendos around it.






Of course as you might expect, you can find plenty of bird friends to photograph as you make your way around the lake.

glades-inn-fire-damage-4714 grackle-female-4793 1e2a4727 1e2a4722



This lake has a tremendous number of recreational opportunities.  I wasn’t really exploring those, so you might want to do some of your own research.  For this trip, I just wanted to see what was visually available on a drive-by basis.  What I seemed to have found was that starting from the South and all along the Western Shore there really were not great views of the lake itself.  Most of these boundaries seem to contain canals that feed into the lake rather than provide views of the lake.  North and East offered better views for what I was seeking.  So, in the end I got a chance to photograph Brody with the lake in the background and he got a chance to run around and explore a new area.

brody-at-lake-okeechobee ae9a9653

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