Morning Adventure in Stuart

5D3_8895-Pano-4Brody and I decided to run up to Stuart Florida this morning to catch the morning sunrise. It’s only about 60 miles but you got to leave early when the sun lights the sky by 5:45 this time of the year.

This is the St Lucie River and that bridge is a spectacular scene when lit up at night.  Check out my Intercoastal Gallery to see what I mean.  In any case, I’m a big fan of pastel sunrises so this morning was perfect.

5D3_8858_59_60 5D3_8841_2_3_4_5

Since we were in the neighborhood, Brody wanted to do find some crabs so we ran over the the House of Refuge at Gilberts Bar (Hutchinson Island).  We timed the trip to be there at low tide to maximize Brody’s chances and so I could shoot the House of Refuge from the Ocean perspective.


So while I was doing my thing, Brody went and did his thing.  Martin county allows dogs on all non-lifeguarded beaches (bless their hearts), but require a leash, so Brody has to drag his rope around with him.  It works and it doesn’t get snagged anywhere because there’s no loops on the end, but it’s not fun to pick up after he’s dragged it all over the beach.


Much to my surprise, after he was done playing around in the rocks, Brody decided to rinse off in the ocean.  He’s not usually a fan and I figured after he got buried by a wave last week, he’d be done with it. But, he’s smart and just stuck to the edges.

5D3_90675D3_9078 5D3_9076

All in all, a fun way to spend the morning.  Thanks for looking




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  1. I’m glad you were both able to do something you enjoy on this adventure. I really like the third sunrise photo.

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