JW Corbertt & Brody

One of the frustrating things about living in Florida is all the restrictions the Forest Preserves have regarding dogs. They are simply not permitted.  Ah – but I’ve now figured out that doesn’t necessary apply to Wildlife Management areas, e.g. public hunting areas. So, Brody and I headed off today to explore the 68,000 acre JW Corbertt Wildlife Management Area.  Take the word “explore” lightly in this case.  Most of the trail accessible areas were partially flooded (it is Florida after all) and I didn’t have boots so for the most part we just explored by SUV.

Given that limitation, we drove 62 miles of dirt, sand and mud trails through the area, and Brody hung with 2 feet out of the window for every one of them.  It felt great to experience wilderness again and we did make a few exploratory walks on some trails, so it’s definitely someplace we will go back to.  Obviously the Explorer paid the price and I spent the rest of the day cleaning the interior when we got home.  Tomorrow, I’ll have to take care of the exterior.

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