Beagle in a Box

What do you do when you have a puppy and it’s the middle of April but it’s cold, windy and snowing outside. You stick him in a box and take photographs of him. … Continue reading

Tumble of Death

My beloved Bailey loved going for walks in the woods and trails and he never really wanted those walks to end.  Even as a youngster, he seemed to have a keen sense when the walk turned the corner and we … Continue reading

First Week

Brody’s first week was a true test on the poor little guy.  Think about it. Leave home, fly 700 miles, new master, new house, new yard, new nanny. You’d think that would be enough change. But nooooo. … Continue reading

Brody Arrives

Little Beagle Brody, arrived in Chicago on 3/29/2011.  As nervous as I was about flying a puppy he was undaunted by it all.  Simply illustrated; I arrived at my SUV with travel crate and opened the door, he stepped out, … Continue reading

Puppy Quest Ended

The search for a new puppy has ended.  After a couple of months searching for the right breeder, I’ve found the puppy I wanted.  He’s from Lanbur Beagles in North Carolina.  He will be here on March 29th.  Let the … Continue reading