Big Boy Brody

Superdog Brody is getting to be such a big boy.  He doesn’t even need the couch to take flight anymore.  He can launch from ground level…. Note:  See the post “Angel Eyes” if you need a point of reference.   … Continue reading

Lost Sock Phenomenon

There seems to be a universal experience of losing socks in the laundry. And it seems this phenomenon only ever affects one sock in a pair. Of course you could lose both, but then you might not be as likely … Continue reading

Another Beagle Trick

Bailey did this as a puppy.  We always figured he learned it from the cat. Brody’s never even seen a cat, and yet there he is…

Houdini Hound

This weekend I tied Brody out in front of the garage so he could be with me while I detailed the car.  That way I didn’t have to keep a constant eye on him.  At one point, I looked up … Continue reading

Brody Wins Photo Contest

Our New York Design Office recently ran a Photo Contest for Pets.  They were looking for images to potentially include in a Kids Line of Clothing for next year.  Out of over 500 entries this little ham-bone won a Grand … Continue reading

Capture the Flag

Brody has developed his own rules and method of play for the classic game, Capture the Flag.  The vigor  he injects has converted this old board game  it to a Contact Sport. Further, he’s learned to jump into the laundry basket so … Continue reading