GoPro Brody

Using a ZhiYun Rider-M Gimbal a GoPro Hero 4 Black I captured Brody’s perspective of the game of fetch … Continue reading

Post Ride Activities

Don’t know what you do after a bike ride, but this is what Brody does… … Continue reading

Biker Brody

If you teach them young, you have a riding companion for life. … Continue reading

In Your Face

Quick clips of Brody in action.  Pretty soon I’m going to have to find other aspects of Brody’s life to film but his playtime antics have given me a lot of material to experiment with in post. … Continue reading

Practice Makes Perfect

The reason Brody is pretty good at catching his ball is because every night after dinner, he makes me practice with him while we’re watching TV.   … Continue reading

The Video Adventure Continues

Still practicing and learning to use video to share the antics and personality of Brody. I even got him to talk on tape recently   … Continue reading

Playing the Field

Every fielder knows how important the first step is …   Even the slightest mis-step can be the difference between a out and a hit   A slow first step is going to let the ball get past you and … Continue reading

Video Round 2

If we’re going to move the Adventures of Brody into video, I need to get a better.  On the other hand Brody is the perfect assistant to practice on. … Continue reading