In my life I’ve owned 3 Beagles, Biscuit, Bailey and Brody.  For me, there is no other breed.  They’re smart, hearty, willing, extremely loyal and have to be the cutest critters god ever created.

As a kid, we always had dogs around.  In fact, I grew up on a farm so we had plenty of animals in general,  From birth through grade school we had boxers.  Over time, mom also had an Airedale, 2 German Shepards and a Labrador Retriever.  Dad hunted and favored Britney Spaniels.  So how did I become a fan of beagles?

As a young adult, for some unknown reason, my dad’s best friend gave me a painting of his Champion Beagle.  The painting was created as a cover to the Beagler Magazine.  At the time, Mr, Stineman no longer raised beagles, but their presence in his life was evident from trophies and photos and such so I’d simply asked him about them.  I didn’t know much about beagles and I really didn’t have any special interest in them, but I ended up with that painting and it rotated from hanging in my office to sitting in my closet for years.

Never-the-less, the seed was planted and when I got to a point that I wanted my own dog the first thing I thought about was a beagle.  Biscuit was my first and she sold me on beagles forever.  Perfect companion, perfect family pet, perfect for the kids, perfect hunting and hiking buddy.  Just a wonderful dog.

Then came Bailey and again he was the most loyal, faithful, loving dog imaginable.  Bailey was also partly responsible for my interest in photography.  When he was a couple of years old, I realized I didn’t have any photographs of Biscuit and I have very few of Bailey as a puppy.

My dogs have always been actively engaged in my life. We have adventures together and when Bailey passed that emptiness had to be filled.

So, when Brody came into my life, I decided from the start I wanted to chronicle those adventures. And that’s how “The Adventures of Brody” was born.  It initially started as a photo project to ensure I didn’t repeat the mistake of not having any record of Biscuit or of Body’s early years but has become much more.

The Adventures of Brody has actually grown into an active diary of my life with Brody that, as of this writing, is 2 1/2 years old and running strong.

Some of my friends and family get a real kick out of it and I’m sure some have grown weary but the true value of The Adventures of Brody is in the story of the beagle.  They are phenomenal animals and I use the blog posts to demonstrate the diversity of this breed.  They ain’t just huntin dawgs.