Brody Arrives

Little Beagle Brody, arrived in Chicago on 3/29/2010.  As nervous as I was about flying a puppy he was undaunted by it all.  Simply illustrated; I arrived at my SUV with travel crate and opened the door, he stepped out, wagged his tail, took a drink of water and walked into the bigger crate I’d brought along and started with playing with the toys.

Treats Ahoy, Love those chew sticks.

I instantly became a believer in the Super Dog Military Training that Jon Woodring orients his pups with.  If you’ve never heard of it, look it up.  Seems silly, but so far this pup has been mostly unfazed by any of the new environments or situations he’s been through.

Originally, I cleared out the dining room to give Brody his own space but within a few days, he convinced me to give him run of the Living Room as well.

Beagle Royale

He is well healed in toy selection but his absolute favorite has been a small stuffed Hedge Hog.  He carries it everywhere he goes, including quick trips outside.

Attack of the Toys

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