Visit to Galena

Signs of GalenaGalena, Illinois is another Midwest town with a lot of character and for the photographer is filled with eye candy.

If you’re not familiar with Galena, I did a photo capsule of the town a few years ago here.  It’s also easy to find information about Galena through web searches.  A complete photogallery of Galena is here.

But, if you like old, storied architecture like the DeSoto House Hotel, complete with Hauntings.  This is a place to visit.

DeSoto House Hotel

Galena has been highly commercialized as a tourist destination so if you like quaint little shops and restaurants, it has plenty to offer.

Signs of Galena Signs of Galena Wall Art









Galena is also home to the largest Halloween parade in Illinois.

The Halloween Festival and Parade brings about 20,000 people to the town for the day but the participants take their costumes and parade floats pretty seriously and worth doing.

Galena Halloween Festival

They even have a working Blacksmith Shop run by a couple of very interesting guys.  Blacksmithing is a lost art and the gentlemen here are volunteers and any proceeds they earn goes directly to charity.  Pretty cool.

Galena Blacksmith

Yes, I know this is a DeKalb blog and again I apologize for not having updated it in awhile.  I’m also still looking for ideas, so feel free to comment if you have something cool.  On the other hand, now that Fall and Winter are coming my free time to travel will expand so you never know when I might start popping in.  Thanks for Looking.


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