I’ve been thinking about a new project on old abandoned silos so I get up early this morning to scout around.  Of course, DeKalb county is where I’d like to center this project, so if anyone knows where there are some really old silos still standing shoot me a comment on this thread.

In any case, pulling into DeKalb on Peace Road, this is what I see materializing from the East.


So, I immediately headed to my favorite spot to shoot in DeKalb and was rewarded with  this scene.
Coaling Tower at Sunrise

and this…
Coaling Tower at Sunrise

By the way, Lothson’s Chicken is one of the most searched posts on this site and since, when I did that post it was in disrepair, I figured I owed Janet a new photo…
Lothsons Karry-Out

Anyway, back to the point, here are samples of the kinds of silo I’m looking for.  What I find interesting is that even after the accompanying barns are long destroyed silos tend to remain to stand vigilant and watchful over the farmland they once supported.  Truth is, they’re too damn expensive to tear down but I find it romantic in a Don Quixote kind of way.

So, if you can help me out, let me know…



Note: I received a comment correcting me in that the first silo isn’t a silo at all but a water tower. Thank you John for the correction.


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