St Mary’s Glass

One of the many treasures of DeKalb is St. Marys Catholic Church. Back on May 9th, I posted on St Mary’s at 4th and Pine in DeKalb. At the time I remarked I really wanted to return to photograph the inside.
Thanks to Father Anderson I was able to do that. Coincidentally, the day I arrived for the shoot was Father Anderson’s last day at the parish. Talk about timing.

My interest in photographing the interior of St. Mary’s was not about the architecture. While pleasing, St. Mary’s is not in the ornate class of many other churches I’ve seen.
St. Marys Dekalb IL

What peaked my interest was the Stained Glass. Some of the most exquisite samples I’ve seen.
St. Marys Dekalb IL

When you look at the windows from a distance you don’t really absorb the intense color and detail they have to offer. To that end, each of the shots  I took were photographed specifically to draw out the beauty that would likely be overlooked or under appreciated in the more casual view.  And since a Blog Post isn’t the best place to showcase photographs, please click on this link or the image below to view the complete gallery of St Mary’s in large scale. I hope you enjoy.

And, by the way, the church does offer a book; Stained Glass Treasures It’s available at the parish office.

St. Marys Dekalb IL
While the Stained Glass is the Visual Feature of St Marys I can’t go anywhere without looking for unique detail. I leave you with these…

St. Marys Dekalb ILSt. Marys Dekalb ILSt. Marys Dekalb IL


St Mary’s Glass — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Don, My name is Barbara Johnson and I am the great granddaughter of Joseph E. Flanagan of Flanagan & Biedenweg Art Glass Company, the largest in Chicago in the early 20th century. My great grandfather’s firm often didn’t sign their work. However, I have a copy of their old catalogue and in it, they note which churches they installed glass in. For my family and for some researchers in stained glass, I am trying to compile an accurate list of places the glass was placed in order to authenticate them. St Mary’s was listed in the catalogue. I noticed their was a fire in 1973, so my question is, if you know, are these windows the originals or newer.

    Thank you so much, Barbara Johnson

    • Barbara,
      Sorry for the late response. I don’t check the site very often since I moved to Florida. I can’t answer your question. But I will say the stained glass at St. Mary’s is some of the most mesmerizing I’ve ever seen in a small town church.

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