St. Marys

St MarysThe story of this church building began, in 1894, under the leadership of Father P.J. O’Connor. A bigger church, with room for 600 worshippers, was needed and in the Spring of 1899, the foundation was begun.

Fr. James Solon (1899-1940) completed the church in 1901. The church, which is still used today, is a strong Gothic structure covered with blue Bedford stone and 24 magnificent stained glass windows which were imported from Germany.

All of the windows in the church today are original except the Rose window above the altar. This window was destroyed in the 1973 fire and is a duplicate. The complete history can be found here.

At some point, I hope to photograph the interior as it is beautiful and the stained glass windows are truly magnificent. But, for now, here are a couple of images of the exterior.


St Marys

St Marys

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