Final Entry

Citizens of DeKalb this is the final post to my DeKalb project.  I wish I could have spent more time working on it as you have a neat little town with a wonderful history.  I barley scratched the surface of what DeKalb has to offer.

I have truly have enjoyed the time I’ve spent here.  Even more, I really appreciate the people I’ve met and the warm reception I was given.

Unfortunately, it’s time for to pack up the hound and move on to life’s next adventure.
Traveling Brody

I mean it’s time for the hound and I to pack up our things and move onto life’s next adventure.

We’re bound for Florida as soon as Brody figures out how to start the car.
How Do I Start This Thing

It’s been awhile since I’ve regularly updated this project and yet this blog continues to see new traffic everyday. That truly is a testament that folks are interested in your town and it’s rich history. Truly, I hope someone else finds the same inspiration I had and continues to share the treats of DeKalb to the online world.

For my part, I’ve been apart from my kids for 10 years. They both went to Ft Lauderdale after college and neither have given any sign of leaving. Since I couldn’t talk them into moving to Chicago, I’ve given up and I’m moving to Florida.

I hate the weather there, I hate to congestion and density of people there but I love my kids a whole lot more. So off we go …

Brody start your engine.


Final Entry — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the work you’ve done to showcase some of DeKalb’s neatest old buildings Don! So glad I caught you in the middle of this project and we were able to meet.
    I know what it’s like to miss your kids as both of mine are on the West coast. Good for you for packing up and going. Someday…

    Best of luck to you Don!

  2. Thanks Don. It was a pleasure to meet you and appreciate your effort to give DeKalb and Lothsons Karry Out a little boost. If you are ever back this way stop in and say Hi!. Like the new photo of the Karry Out.

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