Ellwood Green Water Tower

One of the distinctions between PA (home) and Illinois is the population of water towers. Out here in the flat lands, water towers are needed to create sufficient water pressure to deliver potable water and to provide reserves for emergency service. Back home, we have hills and mountains to do that for us naturally. Plus there are an abundant number of rivers, streams and underground springs. Water pressure I’m sure needs assistance but not to the point that you find water towers anywhere near the number that dot the landscape here. Point is, when I came to Illinois, they were somewhat of a novelty to me. If fact, I’ve thought a couple of times of doing a photo project just on water towers. If I ever did, I’d start with this one….
Ellwood Green Water Tower

This is the Water Tower at Ellwood Green. Built in the 1890’s it is the only surviving structure of the stable complex where Ellwood bred and raised Percheron draft horses. The original stables were built in 1879. When Ellwood started raising cattle in Texas and stopped raising Percherons the Water Tank was removed and the top was replaced with coordinating limestone which gives it the appearance of a silo. The structure to the right is a multi=car garage that was built in 1912 for the Perry Ellwoods.


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  1. Love your blog, keep it up! I hope popularity spreads too. I can’t think of one place on the Internet that captures the character of DeKalb.

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