Final Entry

Citizens of DeKalb this is the final post to my DeKalb project.  I wish I could have spent more time working on it as you have a neat little town with a wonderful history.  I barley scratched the surface of … Continue reading


I’ve been thinking about a new project on old abandoned silos so I get up early this morning to scout around.  Of course, DeKalb county is where I’d like to center this project, so if anyone knows where there are … Continue reading

Ellwood Green Water Tower

One of the distinctions between PA (home) and Illinois is the population of water towers. Out here in the flat lands, water towers are needed to create sufficient water pressure to deliver potable water and to provide reserves for emergency … Continue reading

DeKalb Album Updated

Updated the DeKalb Album with some photos that I’ve collected but haven’t done a post about.  Aside from the Glidden Homestead which is already well documented elsewhere, if you see anything here that has a story please post a comment. … Continue reading

St Mary’s Glass

One of the many treasures of DeKalb is St. Marys Catholic Church. Back on May 9th, I posted on St Mary’s at 4th and Pine in DeKalb. At the time I remarked I really wanted to return to photograph the … Continue reading

New Cop Shop

Hey, I know I’ve posted information that said DeKalb wasn’t the safest city in Illinois, but that was only to level set reality.  I never meant to cause this …. Just kidding. Thanks for Looking … Continue reading

St. Marys

The story of this church building began, in 1894, under the leadership of Father P.J. O’Connor. A bigger church, with room for 600 worshippers, was needed and in the Spring of 1899, the foundation was begun. Fr. James Solon (1899-1940) completed … Continue reading

Lothsons Revisited

A few weeks ago I did a post about this legendary Karry Out in a post titled Where Chicken is King   In that post I noted that I was uncertain as to the operating status of the restaurant at … Continue reading

What Time Are You Open

Merchants of DeKalb, want to increase your revenue?  I have 2 tips for you. 1)  Be Open for Business when your customers want to shop. 2) Get together and develop some consistent store hours. What you have now is one … Continue reading

A Contrast of Style

As noted in previous posts, there are a number of wonderful murals around DeKalb. Then there’s a contrasting style of art … (click on the images to enlarge) Hey, it got the attention of the red tail hawk, so it … Continue reading